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City Business Licenses

In accordance with City of Depoe Bay Ord. #243, any person conducting any business required by be licensed shall, prior to engaging in that business, make application for a business license. Such application shall be made on forms provided by the City Recorder. There shall be collected at the time of application a non-refundable application fee plus the fee for the business license.

The application shall include, but is not limited to, the following information: business name, description of the type of business, location, owner’s name, mailing address, date of application, signature of applicant, and other information reasonably needed to issue a business license. "Transparent Occupation" applicants have special requirements, the addendum containing the questions is here.  

For businesses renewing unexpired licenses on or before January 1 of each year, persons doing business in the city shall fill out a license application form and pay the annual license fee for a license to engage in business during the next year. No application fee shall be imposed for renewing unexpired license applications. Renewal applications received after January 31 are subject to a 20% late fee.  

The City Recorder may withhold the issuance of a business license upon a determination that the applicant’s proposed business or its proposed location would not be in compliance with city ordinances; provided however that the granting of the business license shall not be construed as a determination that the proposed business or its location would be in compliance with city ordinances.  

When the recorder believes the application fails to meet the requirements of this or any other applicable city ordinance, written notice shall be mailed by regular mail to the address given by the applicant in the application that the license application has been denied and the reason(s) therefor. The applicant may appeal to the City Council by filing a written appeal with the City Recorder not later than 10 days after the date of mailing the notice of denial.



Fees are set in accordance with Res. #258

Application Fee (non refundable)


Change of Location Fee


Annual Business License Fee for Flea Market


Annual Business License Fee - Rental Properties

1-2 rental units

3-5 rental units

6-8 rental units

9 or more rental units






Annual Business License Fee - all others

1-2 employees

3-5 employees

6-8 employees

9 or more employees






Online Travel Companies

Online Travel Companies must obtain a City Business License and pay Transient Room Taxes on units they rent within City of Depoe Bay city limits. Click here for more specific information.

Flea Markets and Open-Air/Farmers Markets

A Flea Market is a business is which the operator/sponsor is responsible for the permanent business location and collectively advertises that a number of artisan, antique, clothing, and special interest vendors are located in a common area, selling from booths or other defined limited space within the business location, typically under a single structure, and where the identity and mix of vendors change on a frequent basis, and the vendors do not normally advertise their product except as a part of the flea market. (Ord. #243)

Per City of Depoe Bay Res. #258, the annual City Business License fee for a Flea Market is $500.


Information specific to licensing of Mobile Vending Stands is here.

Street Vendor

Means any person who travels from street to street on public rights-of-way, streets, or other public property with food, beverages, flowers, balloons, or other similar items and offers them for sale. (Ord. #24 Definitions)

Per City of Depoe Bay Zoning Ord. 24, Article 4, Section 4.025: Street Vendor prohibited. No person shall sell any items, including but not limited to food, beverages, flowers, balloons, or similar items, or offer them for sale from any street, sidewalk, public right-of-way, or public property within the City limits of the City of Depoe Bay.


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