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City Hall will be Closed January 21, 2019 for Martin Luther
 King Jr Day







City Council Mission Statement



Our mission is to manage and execute the business of the City of Depoe Bay:

- Preserve public health, safety, and welfare
- Preserve financial stability
- Promote cohesiveness




The Depoe Bay City Council recognizes its responsibility and obligation to make policy and provide guidance for the operation and maintenance of our City in order to benefit the health, welfare and safety of our citizens.


To demonstrate financial stability, the City Council needs to support the maintenance of existing state shared revenue programs, oppose enactment of new property tax exemptions, oppose unfunded mandates, and oppose additional state preemptions of local revenue raising authority. We will avoid providing new services without demonstrated and designated funding capacity and source.


Cohesiveness may be achieved through better communication and cooperation with our advisory commissions and committees as well as the public we represent.