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City Hall will be Closed January 21, 2019 for Martin Luther
 King Jr Day







2011 News &




December 9, 2011

Notice to Residents


At the December 6 City Council meeting, the Council discussed the City Hall parking lot paving project, which is budgeted for this fiscal year. In conjunction with this project, a decision was made to eliminate the cardboard recycling containers; the glass recycling container will remain. North Lincoln Sanitary Service will continue to pick up cardboard in your household recycling bin, which is picked up every other week. The paving project is anticipated to begin in early 2012.



November 16, 2011

Issue #1 of "The Depoe Bay View"


The City Council has approved the first issue of the City's new newsletter, "The Depoe Bay View". You can read it here, or pick up a hard copy at the post office, the Chamber of Commerce, or City Hall.



November 10, 2011

ODFW Hosts Public Meetings on Regulations
for Two Marine Reserves


public meeting


The Oregon Department of and Fish and Wildlife will host two Public Meetings describing fishing and other prohibitions scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2012, at the Otter Rock Marine Reserve and the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Area.

Both of these sites were designated Marine Reserves in 2009 but the prohibitions were delayed so scientists could collect baseline data from each site.

Redfish Rocks Meeting: Nov. 16, from 6-7:30 p.m., at the Port Orford Community Hall, 419E 11thSt., Port Orford

Otter Rock Meeting: Nov. 17 , from 6-7:30 p.m., at the Depoe Bay Community Hall,220 S.E. Bay Street,DepoeBay

Staff members from ODFW and the Oregon State Police will be available to answer questions and provide information on the prohibitions and boundaries of each of the two Marine Reserve Sites.



November 8, 2011

EAS Nationwide Test on Wednesday


EAS test

There will be a Nationwide Emergency Alert System Test held on Wednesday, November 9th at 11:00 a.m. This test will last 3 minutes and will be broadcast onalltelevision and radio stations. Apparentlyit will appear and sound like an actual real event, but it is only a test. We are assisting to send this informationto asmany people as possibleso that they do not panic thinking a National Emergencyhas occurred. Please share this information withas many people as you are able to.


935 N. Main Street
Independence, OR 97351



October 12, 2011

Bay Street Improvements Project Update


Devils Lake Rock Company is going to start Monday, October 17th, 2011.

The project will entail taking up the pavement from the intersection of Hwy 101 to Conway Avenue. The contractor has to do some underground work, storm water, and new signal controls.

As soon as they open up Bay Street, the signal light will have to be turned off. That means the light to turn off of Bay Street will always be red. The traffic lights on Hwy 101 will work normally.

Most of the time Bay Street will be closed, but at night it will be a ONE-WAY going east, you will not be able to go west because of the one way, and the light will always be red. That is the only way this project will work.

The sidewalks will not be disturbed, so customers can still access the businesses on Bay Street or they can walk through the area to get downtown.

The contractor has 45 days to complete the work, but I do not think it will take that long.

Please pass the word along and tell business owners they need to tell their suppliers that they will not be able to drop their supplies off on Bay Street, but will have to use Conway Avenue or some other area. We will keep the parking lots open, but may have to reconfigure the one behind Spouting Horn.

I know this project will disrupt the flow of traffic, but there is no other way to do this project. Bay Street is getting so bad it is deteriorating at an alarming rate. I wanted to do the project in the summer, but did not want to disturb the tourist and fishing season. I can’t wait any longer; the weather is starting to turn, and we have to get this project done ASAP.

Thank you for your patience.

Terry Owings,

City Superintendent



September 7, 2011 (last updated December 21)


Request for Proposals
Outdoor Warning and Public Alert System


sirenThe City of Depoe Bay desires to provide its residents and visitors with the added safety of an outdoor warning system combined with a public alert system. This system will warn the population of an impending tsunami, disaster, or hazard. The City has recognized the importance of a warning system which can provide not only an initial alert, but also can inform and update residents and tourists with information regarding evacuation sites and the alert status. This system will also be utilized as a public address system for the Depoe Bay harbor area at a minimum. The City of Depoe Bay desires to select a total system that is turn-key, and to select the system using cost vs. capabilities and performance.

A Mandatory Pre-Proposal Discussion and Tour will be conducted on October 5, 2011 at Depoe Bay City Hall, 570 SE Shell Ave., Depoe Bay OR 97341. This will provide an opportunity for proposers to view the area terrain and gain an understanding of unique aspects of the location.

A detailed Request for Proposals (RFP) and Addendums can be obtained by clicking here (last update December 21, 2011), by contacting the City of Depoe Bay at 541-765-2361, or by sending a written request to City of Depoe Bay, P.O. Box 8, 570 SE Shell Ave., Depoe Bay, OR 97341 or via email to info@cityofdepoebay.org . Prospective proposers must provide their name and e-mail address to the City to ensure that they are provided with answers to any questions asked by other proposers as well as any changes made to the RFP.

Proposals from interested parties will be received until Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 2:00 P.M. All proposals must submitted in a sealed envelope plainly marked “Proposal to Provide an Outdoor Warning and Public Address System”; must bear the proposer’s name, address, telephone number and email address; and be delivered to City of Depoe Bay, P.O. Box 8, 570 SE Shell Ave., Depoe Bay, OR 97341 on or before that time.

Terry Owings
City Superintendent
City of Depoe Bay



August 8, 2011

City Projects with active Requests for Proposal (RFP)


The City has four projects with active RFPs. Click on the links for full text.

1. Dock 1 engineering services - due August 12, 2011

2. Paving City Hall parking lot - due August 15, 2011

3. Bay Street engineering services - due August 30, 2011

4. Community Hall heating system - due September 2, 2011


Public Hearing for Emergency Warning System


public hearing


There will be a public hearing on a city-wide emergency warning system at the regular City Council meeting on August 16, 2011.



July 7, 2011

#1 Warning System: NOAA Weather Alert Radios

NOAA radio


At the City Council's joint meeting with the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners last night, Lt. Curtis Landers, County Emergency Manager, said that DOGAMI (Department of Geology And Mineral Industries) and the State say that the number one thing people should have to stay informed of emergencies is a NOAA weather alert radio. He encouraged citizens to have one in the home, a portable one in the car, one in the workplace - anywhere where they'd want to be informed, and said the radios serve as one's own personal warning siren. He noted that the main purpose of warning sirens is to alert people who are outside.



July 6, 2011

Contest Winner Announced


The City Council has selected the winner of the Name the Newsletter contest. The winning entry was "The Depoe Bay View", which was submitted by Margaret Mola. Thanks go to Dockside Charters, Fuddy Duddy Fudge, Leatherworks, My T-Shirt & I, and The Spouting Horn Restaurant for providing gifts and gift certificates for the winner. Congratulations, Ms. Mola! We hope you enjoy your gift basket!





June 28, 2011

Salmon Enhancement Fin Clipping July 16-17


fin clipping



The annual salmon fin clipping event has been scheduled for Saturday July 16 and Sunday July 17, 2011. If you are interested in participating, call City Hall at 541-765-2361.






June 22, 2011

2010 Census to be Challenged




The City of Depoe Bay is challenging the results of the 2010 Census. If your household was not counted, please contact the City no later than 5:00 PM on July 29, 2011 to have your address included in the challenge.



June 13, 2011

Scheduled Water Valve Maintenance


water valvePlease be aware the City of Depoe Bay has water valve maintenance scheduled for Wednesday, June 15. Water service will be shut off on Bay Street in the vicinity of the harbor between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

It is possible that residents and businesses may experience some brown water after the water has been restored; if this occurs, run the water for a few minutes to clear the lines.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will do everything possible to keep the disruption to a minimum.



June 8, 2011

City Seeks Volunteers for Temporary Ad-Hoc Committee


The City is seeking volunteers to serve on a temporary committee to review the franchise agreement with Broadstripe as it relates to their request for renewal of franchise agreement. If you are interested, submit an application by 5:00 PM on June 29, 2011. The City Council will be considering all applications received, and will interview for the position at the July 5, 2011 Council meeting.



June 8, 2011

Name the New Depoe Bay City Newsletter
and Win a Prize!


Persons are invited to submit a name for the Depoe Bay City newsletter, planned for quarterly publication starting this July. The winner will receive “A Day in Depoe Bay”, including dinner at a local restaurant, a whale watching trip; and coupons, special discounts, and other gifts from Depoe Bay’s merchants.

Newsletter content will be driven by the results of a survey that was sent to property owners and voters within City limits earlier this year. Those responding overwhelmingly requested information about ordinances; actions which affect property owners, residents and businesses; local business people, and elected and appointed City officials.

Entries to the naming contest may be delivered via email to newsletter@cityofdepoebay.org; mailed to Newsletter, Depoe Bay City Hall, P.O. Box 8, Depoe Bay, OR 97341; or dropped off at City Hall, 570 SE Shell Avenue no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 30, 2011.(City of Depoe Bay employees and elected and appointed officials and their families are not eligible to participate.)

Readers will be able to receive the newsletter via email (send your email address to newsletter@cityofdepoebay.org), read it on the city’s website (www.cityofdepoebay.org); or pick up a copy in City Hall, at the Chamber of Commerce office, or at a number of local businesses.



May 26, 2011

City to Provide Call-Em-All Service




The City Council has decided to provide Depoe Bay citizens that live within City limits an opportunity to participate in an emergency notification system called CALL-EM-ALL.

The service is expected to go live the first week of June, and will be provided only on a temporary basis, until Lincoln County has their new mass notification system in place and it has been proven to work. The County expects to have their system operational within the next six months.

In the interim, residents living within City limits (does not include Lincoln Beach or Miroco areas) can sign up to receive true emergency notifications through the Call-Em-All service. This service is free to residents. Examples of notifications include: tsunami warning evacuation notice and an all-clear message.

The City is using LinCom’s reverse 9-1-1 list as a starting point, so if you are on that list, you do not need to sign up. For those not on the reverse 9-1-1 list, you can opt-in to this service by sending the following information to
call-em-all@cityofdepoebay.org :

1. Your first and last name.

2. Your street address.

3. Up to three phone numbers to receive notifications on.

4. An email address where you can be contacted to let you know when the service goes live.



If your phone number is currently on the reverse 9-1-1 list and you do not want to receive notifications, you may opt out by visiting Call-Em-All Opt Out after the service is operational.


The information you provide for this service is confidential, and is not public record. Call-Em-All has a strict privacy policy. Neither Call-Em-All nor the City of Depoe Bay will share your information with anyone.



May 17, 2011

Depoe Bay's Rich History


Charlie DePoe


With gratitude to Lincoln County Historical Society former archivist Jodi Weeber, who was very helpful with City Staff's research efforts, the Depoe Bay History page has been completely re-written. Great effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, and we hope you will find it both informative and entertaining. The history page will continue to be updated as new information is obtained, so be sure to check back to see what's new!

Anyone wishing to donate photos to accompany the new article (or other Depoe Bay photos they wish to share with the City) may submit them for consideration to: website@cityofdepoebay.org.




April 27, 2011

City to Apply for FEMA Funding
for Permanent Repair of Tsunami-Damaged Dock


City Staff met with members of FEMA staff to discuss FEMA funding for repairs to tsunami-damaged Dock 1. Required paperwork will be turned in to the Depoe Bay project manager within two weeks.

It was learned in that meeting that it might be possible to apply to the Section 404 Hazard Mitigation Program for funding a warning siren system, which the City has been investigating for several months. Section 404 monies are Federal funds managed through Oregon Emergency Management.



April 11, 2011

Tsunami-Damaged Dock Gets Temporary Fix


broken dock thumbnailOn March 11, 2011, the City of Depoe Bay experienced surging from the ocean from the earthquake in Japan. This surging lasted from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM. The rushing water would surge for 15 minutes or so and then reverse and rush back out to sea for about the same amount of time. The surging had such force that a section of Dock 1 was torn in half.

The electrical lines going to the pedestals and water lines were torn out, and some of the pilings were bent. There were boats tied to the dock and crab pots sitting on the dock. One of the boats was pushed on top of the dock and a lot of the crab gear was washed into the bay. The surging also took the flotation out from under the dock.

towboat fixing dockWhat a mess caused by an earthquake 8,000 miles away! This week, City crew Pogo Robison, Phil Shane, and Gary Walls have been working with Grant Snyder of Wiggins Tug and Barge Co.to fix the dock temporarily to get us through fishing season.

A special thanks to Craig Taunton for his help and expertise. Hopefully we will get a more permanent fix on the dock in the near future.

You can see a short video of a boat being pushed up on the dock during the tsunami, or click here for a listing of YouTube videos of the local event.



April 1, 2011

Council Considers a City Newsletter


Dear Depoe Bay Resident:

The City is seeking your assistance. We all understand the value of communication to share information, develop connections and increase involvement in government. The City Council has been considering ways to improve communication with the public. newsletter

One idea being pursued is providing a city newsletter on a regular basis.We are asking for your participation in developing this idea by completing a survey and returning it to City Hall by May 1st. By completing and returning the survey you would tell us what you would like to see in a city newsletter and how you would like to receive it.

Thank you for your time and consideration. The City Council looks forward to receiving your input.


Carol Connors

Right click here and "save link as" to download survey

Thank you for your participation.



March 18, 2011

Emergency/Tsunami Warning Siren Demonstration

Monday, March 21, 2011

After 1:00 P.M.

Please contact the City of Depoe Bay at 541-765-2361 if you have any questions.



January 6, 2011

Council Vacancies


Click here for City Council vacancy notice.


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