Budget Committee

Term: Four Years

Vacancy/ies: Three

The Budget Committee is an advisory group created by Oregon law to take public comment and testimony on the proposed budget and to recommend approval with any changes of the proposed budget to the City Council. The Budget Committee is active April through June. The Committee reviews the City’s proposed budget and budget policies.

​The Budget Committee consists of the City Councilor and seven citizens at large. Citizens are appointed by the governing body and serve four-year terms. Committee members may question City staff on financial, programs, and operational matters. The members can suggest and vote on amendments to the proposed budget. The proposed budget as amended by the Budget Committee is known as the Approved Budget which then is referred to the City Council for adoption. A public hearing is held before the City Council. Council can adopt the budget as approved or vote on changes prior to adoption.

For additional information on the Budget document, contact Kimberly Wollenburg, City Administrator/Recorder, at recorder [at] cityofdepoebay.org.

Visit the Agendas/Minutes page to find current and past Budget Committee agendas and minutes. Visit the Budget page for copies of drafts and adopted budgets.

Council Members Citizen Members / Member at Large
Kathy Short, Mayor DeAnn Norton
Joyce King, Council President Robert Gambino
Lindsy Bedingfield, Council Position 1 Judy Faucett
Autumn Watson, Council Position 2 Bill Masalla
Rick Beasley, Council Position 4 (Vacant)
Valerie Sovern, Council Position 5 (Vacant)
Fran Recht, Council Position 6 (Vacant)