Community Notice - Brown Water

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Every year around this time, Depoe Bay Public Works receives complaints regarding brown water in homes. Public Works says that the brown water is usually caused by iron plumbing service lines from the meter in older homes. In the summer months the potable (drinking) water is warmer, and the iron-stained lines get scoured from pressure fluctuations, which causes the brown water.

In addition, if a fire hydrant is opened and closed for any reason, such as contractors or boring crews using water in the area, this can cause pressure fluctuations and the brown water to show.

Finally, many of the City’s water mains either are made of this ductile iron or have iron fittings at an elbow or pipe angle. While work to replace this iron is planned, it’s expensive and takes time. The City will be working with our grant writers to find grants to allow us to do this work.

The easiest, fastest, best solution is to simply run cold water, using a laundry sink or a hose bib outside for about 10 minutes, until the water runs clear. Do not run the hot water to prevent brown water in hot water tank.

If the issue persists after this, please contact info [at] () or call (541) 765-2361 and report the problem.